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Medical couriers support high-end biologistics solutions

We sometimes lose or misplace our belongings – a sock, our keys or our wallet, but could you afford to lose or misplace a lifesaving shipment? According to the New York Times, almost 2 million commercial shipments are lost in transit each day due to theft or routing issues. Thus, choosing a logistics provider with a reliable courier network would mitigate this risk. Specifically, seeking well-positioned medical couriers, who are trained to handle temperature-controlled products or medical specimens in a safe and secure manner.

Medical couriers support high-end biologistics solutions

What are quality medical couriers? 

A survey conducted by the American Nurse Journal stated that 71% of health care providers are unable to provide effective patient care at least once a month due to logistics oversights. Therefore, selecting high-end medical couriers with the following characteristics is key:  

Medical couriers are detail-oriented –

Regular On-Board Couriers sometimes mishandle shipment documents, forget to activate data loggers or even leave the package at the airport. In addition, any erroneous data due to a miswrite or wrong input could delay time-sensitive medical research processes. High-end medical couriers understand the value of accurate information and prepare for seamless shipments accordingly.

Medical couriers are careful –

Biologic products must be kept within certain temperature ranges during transit. Forgetting to properly seal the packaging can cause temperature spikes, and mishandling the shipment could damage its contents. High-end medical couriers securely handle their shipment throughout transit and follow procedures that ensure the biologic products remain viable upon drop-off. 

Medical couriers are time-sensitive –

Any schedule mismanagement would cause a cascade of delays in the supply chain. This could be due to a longer route taken to the airport, insufficient buffer time from the counter to the gate, or unfamiliarity of local customs procedures. High-end medical couriers understand local regulations & procedures and position themselves optimally to ensure timely deliveries of potentially lifesaving products.

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Royale’s On-Board Courier Network  

Royale International’s industry experts have developed a global Quality Mangement System (QMS) that facilitates our quality-driven biologistics solutions. A key component under our global QMS is our qualified and trained medical couriers. The following highlights five characteristics of Royale’s medical On-Board Courier network:

/ Unified

Our couriers undergo training based on our standardised global operating procedures. These concise guidelines are accessible across our 43 global offices, supplementing their on-boarding. This ensures that any courier can be easily positioned and dispatched to pick-up or drop-off a shipment anywhere in the world.

/ Transparent

Our industry experts have produced a job description that highlights the scope and responsibilities of each medical courier. While this practice is not groundbreaking, our experts invest in ensuring clarity regarding workload and expectations. This mitigates miscommunication risks that may cause errors or delays in transit.

/ Top-tier

In addition to their initial training, our couriers undergo an annual training matrix. This plan helps them enhance their skills, while staying up to date with the latest market practices and logistics technology concerning temperature-controlled shipments.  

/ Adapatable

Being well-equipped with foundational skills and knowledge, our couriers utilise their fundamentals to support various shipment procedures, including but not limited to loading and unloading dry shippers, calibrating data loggers, and preparing thermal boxes.  

/ Experienced

Royale International has over 30+ years of logistics expertise. Our couriers benefit from the various experiences concerning practice and application of their training. Aside from the history, Royale’s presence across 23 countries also allows Couriers to contribute and gain knowledge regarding local customs landscapes and polish their know-how.

Quality in action

How would these characteristics benefit a temperature-controlled shipment? Let’s review with the case study below:

“A stem cell donor was found in Turkey. Their cells needed to be shipped to Israel within 72 hours before it lost its viability. A medical courier in Turkey was found and dispatched to Germany for a connecting flight to Israel. However, bad weather arrangements led to a delayed flight and made it impossible for the specimen to be delivered via the initial route. Another medical courier was dispatched from Israel on a chartered flight with all the prepared documents they needed to enter Turkey and personally pick up the specimen. The courier returned to Israel and dropped off the shipment at the hospital for use.”

The top-tier and unified training of both couriers involved showed flexibility when delays took place. It was the initial courier’s transparency in communicating delays that allowed our industry experts to re-route the shipment. Finally, it was the adaptability and experience of our couriers, that made them prepare their documents (especially during the pandemic period) and avoid time-costing errors for the shipment.

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Choose Royale Medical Couriers

On-Board Couriers guarantee you the highest safety and security for any delivery. However, when a life is on the line, a medical courier offers specialised skills tailored for your temperature-controlled products. With Royale International’s global QMS guiding our trained couriers, shipment risks are mitigated. Contact our experts for your secure On-Board Courier solution.

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