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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum size and weight of shipment that I can send?

For courier, the maximum weight per individual piece is 30kg and dimensions should be able to fit through the airport x-ray machine (100 by 80cm opening). For heavier items we are still able to send via alternate means, please contact us for more info in such cases.

How do I make a loss/ damage claim?

Please contact your local Royale International Customer Service Department for any claims process. The Royale International Group reserves the right to change or amend the Standard Trading Conditions at any time and without prior notice. A copy of Royale International's Standard Trading Conditions may be downloaded from this website.

What kinds of items are restricted?

Do I have to process a customs declaration in Hong Kong? Where can I get the details?

Yes. In general, any individual who imports or exports any articles from/into Hong Kong (other than several exempt articles), are required to lodge import/export declarations within 14 days after the importation/exportation. Please contact your local Customer Service Department for necessary flight detail information if required.

How can I track my shipments?

You can track your individual shipment through our website ( by typing in the HAWB on the tracking page.

Can a package be held at the local depot of the relevant destination for the consignee to pick up?

Yes. In general, there is no surcharge to hold packages for pick up during office hours.

Can I reroute packages that have been sent or make an address correction?

Yes. Please note that additional restrictions and fees may apply for rerouting a package.

Can I request my shipment to be delivered at specific date/ time?

Special delivery can be arranged subject to surcharge.

Can I send COD/Freight collect shipment to overseas?

Yes, we can arrange for COD/Freight collect overseas but country restrictions may apply.  Please check with your local Royale International Customer Service Department for more details on which countries this service is available. (*Please note that all charges upon shipment arrival will be charged to the Shipper/Sender should the Consignee/Receiver fail to pay.)

Do I need to provide an invoice for a gift?

Yes, all non-document shipments require an invoice.

What are your transit times?

Please contact your local sales representative or email

I want to issue an airway bill myself, is it possible?

This is possible. To issue an airway bill, please log into your RIG account under the MyRIG Login tab from the homepage ( and follow the relevant instructions. For further information and assistance, please contact us.

What should I do if I do not have a physical air waybill on hand? Can I use a photocopy?

You can order your air waybills through our Customer Service Department before you run out of stock.  Normally, it will take 2-3 days for delivery.  Please do not use a photocopy as this will not be valid. If you do not have supplies then please contact our staff who will prepare and email a copy to you.

Is Pick-Up Service available during public holidays?

Yes, pick up services during public holidays can be pre-arranged but may be subject to a service charge.

What kinds of documents are needed for sending parcels?

  • Commercial invoice with commercial value for commercial goods.
  • Proforma invoice is required for non-commercial goods.

What are the different costs between a box and a pouch delivery?

Box shipments may attract volumetric weight. This is calculated by the industry standard length x width x height/5000 calculation to give you the volume weight. If greater than the actual weight then volume weight is charged. Volume weight is not charged on pouch shipments.

Can we send shipments to a P.O Box?

We cannot deliver to a P.O Box unless there is a Consignee’s name and telephone number available for us to contact prior for delivery arrangement.

Why is tax and duty charged for my samples where there is no commercial value?

Customs may re-assess the value of your shipment if it is deemed inaccurate and apply duty. It is important that the declared value of the shipment is accurate.

Are there any additional handling charges apart from the courier fee?

In some countries, shipments are subject to Tax and Duty charges imposed by the destination country.  It should be clearly marked on the airway bill if tax/duty is to be paid for by the shipper or consignee. Tax and duty rates vary on a country level so please ask us if any information is required. Tax and duty will be charged to Shipper/ Sender if the Consignee/ Receiver fail to pay.

Do you offer a drop off service?

Yes we offer a drop off service at our processing hub. Please contact us for more information.

Does the Royale International Group provide packaging materials?

Yes, we provide supplies of pouches, boxes and air waybills free of charge. Supplies materials will be delivered to you within 2-3 working days.

How do I open a Royale International account?

You can download a copy of the Account Set Up Form and Known Consignor Aviation Security Declaration Form on our corporate website ( and fax or email it back along with a copy of your company’s Business Registration Certificate to your local Royale International Sales Representative.  We will then contact you to activate your account. Alternative please simply give us a call and speak to one of our sales team who will be happy to help you open an account.

What type of service does Royale provide?

We provided customized one stop integrated courier and logistics solutions including courier, air freight, warehousing, mail, distribution and time critical services. For further information, please refer to the ‘Services’ tab which can be located on our homepage at