Royale International is a dedicated company providing a wide range of business-to-business services since 1993.

From very humble beginnings back in our original Kowloon Bay office in 1993 through to present day, we have undergone a tremendous journey that has seen us become one of the world’s leading privately-owned logistics companies.

Our two founders, John Fawcett and Dean Locke, began the company by undertaking deliveries themselves across the city and instilling the work ethic that remains in effect today.

The early 2000’s saw rapid expansion of our network across the globe and Royale is now represented by 42 offices across the globe.

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Making it happen since 1993.


HKDC established

In September 1993 HKDC was founded and opened its first office in Hong Kong


Hong Kong

First ever hand carry for Royale.


South Africa

Office opening in April 1996.



Office opening in February 1999.



Office opening in January 2000.


Record IPO distribution

Royale distributed 220 tones – Tracker Fund



Office opening in July 2001.


First aircraft charter

First aircraft charter (Continental Boeing 727) which flew 11 times from Macau to Manila



Office opening in September 2005.



Office opening in December 2006.



Office opening in August 2007.



Office opening in January 2008.



Time Critical Department established



Office opening in December 2011.



Office opening in August 2012.



Rebranding to Royale International



Office opening in September 2013.



Royale E-Commerce launched



Office opening in July 2017.


Saudi Arabia

Office opening in August 2018.


Tel Aviv

Office opening in June 2019.



Office opening in June 2019.


Headquartered in Hong Kong at the heart of the industry.

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Our Values

1. Trust

Ensuring that our service is tailored to your organisation's needs, begins by making sure we understand the particulars of your request.


As a people driven organization, we treat and perceive our employees as valuable partners. All employees, no matter how "big" or "small" their role are vital contributors to the success of our company.


Royale International is a quality driven organisation that provides tailored logistics solutions to its clients by means of experience, innovation and collaboration. These core values ensure that we continuously aim for higher performance standards.

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Crystal Palace F.C.

Royale International are delighted to have joined up with Crystal Palace Football Club as their Official Logistics Partner. One of the predominant reasons for partnering up with CPFC is because of similar key values the club supports. Crystal Palace tries to give back to the community by being involved in setting up schools and academies, engagement in disability sport, and supporting family health and wellbeing.

We support the proactive approach the club has and is therefore proud to be Crystal Palace’s official logistics sponsor.

Green Initiative

At Royale International we care about our environmental footprint and the world we leave behind for our future generations. We believe that it is our corporate social responsibility to contribute to a positive change.

Royale international’s green policy has been built around the following points:
  1. Recycling office waste and reducing energy consumption
  2. Rethinking the use essential plastics
  3. Investing in SMART city logistics
  4. Focusing on a circular economy
Biodegradable packaging

Royale International recognises that the logistics business model impacts the environment. Therefore, Royale International is working hard to offset emissions and has shifted towards the use of biodegradable packaging.

All our courier pouches are equipped with Breakdown Plastic (BDP). BPD is organic plastic and biodegraded with polymers and minerals which are added into the plastic during the manufacturing process. Once these natural substances enter soil, landfills, and oceans, they attract microbes to fully digest the plastic.

Under these circumstances, the BDP products turn plastics into non-toxic minerals to enrich soil, and to produce agriculture raw materials. As a result, plastic usage is reduced by 50%, leaving behind CO2, CH4 and biomass.

BDP has obtained the following accredited certificates:

Check Mark on Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update  Marine tested via ASTM D6691
Check Mark on Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update  Toxic Elements OECD 207 & 208
Check Mark on Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update  Toxic Ash & Smoke tested
Check Mark on Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update  Landfill tested via ASTM D5511

Biodegradable in Landfills – By adding BDP to plastics at a 1% let down ratio, our BDP plastic pouches have embellished biodegradation in landfill conditions, enabling plastics to naturally decompose in a few years instead of centuries.

Decontaminated Energy Source – By means of the integration of BDP and plastics, CH4 is collected as a relatively clean energy source. Consequently, this biodegrading matter is broken down in a short time frame, lessening the risk of polluting oceans or landfills.

Recyclable – The BDP ingredient does not affect the recyclability of plastic. Consumers can still recycle their pouches and turn them into new, remanufactured products.

Clean and Safe – BDP plastics do not produce any residue after completing the biodegradable procedure. The remaining materials are all organic and natural, allowing microbes to access the polymer chains and consume them.

Royale International x Sustainability

Royale International is committed to connecting the world in an environmentally friendly manner. We aim to minimize our negative impact on the planet by contributing to local communities, enhancing carbon efficiency, and providing eco-friendly logistics services.

Royale International - ReDress - circular economy

Royale International is a firm supporter of Redress, an environmental charity that promotes sustainable development.

Throughout a garment’s life cycle, waste is increasing, having 57% of discarded clothes going to landfill each year. Consumers get new clothes too frequently and often decide to throw away their old clothes, instead of sending them to charities or environmental organisations. If consumers continue to follow the model of ‘Buying more clothes, wearing them less and throwing them in the bin faster’, the impact on the environment will be detrimental.

To contribute, Royale International is a sponsor of the ‘Get Redressed Month’, in which we integrate the values of reducing clothing waste, and build awareness for mindful consumption.

Royale International x Returns

Returns are another focal point of Royale International’s sustainable focus, aiming to contribute to the circular economy and optimise user experience. E-commerce sales grew by 46% in 2020 compared to 2019 due to convenience and round-the-clock availability.

However, this has led to an increase of clothing waste in case customers do not use their purchased products. Unused products are eventually dumped in the landfills, producing more greenhouses gases and emissions. Through our E-commerce returns solutions, end-consumers can easily return their purchased items if those do not suit them. As a result, returned products can be reused or recycled instead of having to produce new products.

Contribution in SMART city logistics

Our PUDO networks provide customers a wide range of locations for picking up E-commerce orders and dropping off returns. As a result, delivery time and overall fuel consumption decrease.

Conversely, residential deliveries have a huge environmental cost. Approximately 1 out of 5 E-commerce consumers has attempted to reschedule deliveries as they were not at home. In these cases, a second or third delivery attempt must be made. Every failed attempt increases carbon footprint, which is why Royale International provides a large variety of PUDO points for customers.

Parcels delivered to a PUDO location reduces the overall number of journeys, fuel consumption and delivery vehicles needed. It is expected that the use of PUDO networks will cut down emissions by 10%, and congestion by 30% in 2030.

Royale International is open to new ideas and collaborations on how we can make further contributions in this area.

Royale International x Ecologi

Royale International recognises the importance of investing in the environment and sustainable development initiatives that are beneficial for future generations. Therefore, we are collaborating with the environmental organisation Ecologi to reduce carbon footprints and offset greenhouse gas emissions. Our sustainable goals include preventing the production of excessive CO2 emissions and offset where possible.

To contribute to climate crisis solutions as well as promoting ecological knowledge to the public, we are investing in tree planting initiatives and renewable energy projects across the globe. Each month we’ll be working on two carbon offset projects that have obtained the highest standard - Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard. Our promising green projects include Wind Power Projects in Mexico & Honduras, Lower Zambezi Redd+ Project, Madagascar Reforestation Project, etc.  

Not only do these projects restore the environment and wildlife habitats, but also promote the economy in less-developed countries and create local employment opportunities. As a prominent player in the logistics field, we highly embrace green logistics and sustainability.

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Royale International x Animals Asia

In 2019 Royale International collaborated with Animals Asia to improve the welfare of wild animals. Our founder, John Fawcett and sales director, Phil Murton, trekked the Sahara to raise money to save a bear from captivity. The bear, which was saved named ‘Royale’, is a friendly and healthy bear who now enjoys his sanctuary life.

Through this program Animals Asia provides rescued animals with comfortable dens and semi-natural enclosures where they are able to recover in safety. During their rehabilitation, the bears’ behaviour and well-being will also be closely monitored by professionals through regular health checks and daily observations, ensuring they receive the best care possible.

Royale International will continue to work with environmental organisations to build awareness around animal welfare issues.