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ReBOUND Returns




ReBOUND is the global leader in e-commerce returns software, enabling retailers to manage and analyse their returns and giving consumers a convenient and smart way to return unwanted items.

Economical pricing is achieved on the back of our scale of operation with a 24/7 fulfilment operation and global distribution network in operation for over a quarter of a century.


  1. To provide an e-commerce return logistics infrastructure in the city of Hong Kong.
  2. To offer the highest level of convenience to consumers via multiple return locations.
  3. To provide retailers with a tracked end-to-end returns solution with data visibility.


Royale International has developed a territory wide Pick-Up/Drop-off (PUDO) network offering over 700 points all over the city whereby consumers can drop off return packages.

Through integrations with 7-Eleven, Circle K and parcel lockers, Royale is able to manage physical package flows back to retailers and data flows from the beginning to the end of the process.

Now, with one single integration via API, retailers are able to access our PUDO network for both returns and also deliveries as Royale International has become recognized as Hong Kong’s leader in PUDO services for the e-commerce industry.

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