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Top 10 Common Causes of Delayed Deliveries

When you are running a business, regardless of industry, reliability is key in all areas. This is equally true when it comes to sending goods, be it samples, finished products and anything in between. Operations and logistics managers are continuously working to ensure deliveries are completed efficiently and simply, without delay.

Unfortunately delays can and do happen, often without warning. There are a number of reasons delays occur, therefore it is important that your business partners with a courier company who have significant experience in preventing, circumnavigating and avoiding delays for their clients. Royale International has a global presence and this, together with their 25+ years’ experience, makes them an ideal partner for any business looking to avoid delays and hold ups. 

We have put together a list of the 10 most common causes of delayed deliveries that can cause anything from supply chain disruption to damaging business reputation. 

#1. Lack of Visibility

When you partner with a freight or delivery provider, it is key that they are aware of what kind or service or services you require. Transparency throughout the delivery process is a crucial element of the partnership, and in order for a company to meet the standard you have, they need to know what you expect from the outset. 

When visibility is lacking, that is when inefficiencies happen, causing not only a supply chain hold up, but also an increased potential for delayed, damaged, or even lost shipments. A courier company with advanced tracking technology (together with clear and direct communication from the start), can provide the necessary transparency through the whole process. 

#2. Unrealistic Expectations

When retailers have the kind of expectations on a business or supplier that are not achievable, it causes shipping delays and delivery issues. Poor planning has a similar outcome, with shipping delays becoming almost standard. While an effective and accomplished courier partner can help to rectify these issues, there needs to be accurate forecasting and an understanding between retailers and suppliers what is realistic.

Once this is agreed upon, your courier partner can work to make these goals achievable, while removing the obstacles that were causing shipping delays to occur.

#3. Outdated Tech

Delivery companies need to be able to modernise and ‘change with the times’ in order to ensure that they are providing the best service to the businesses they partner with. Investment in up-to-date hardware that can work with cloud-based software enables courier companies and their business clients to stay connected, with live, real time data.

When it comes to those companies sticking with older technology, they cannot compete with their more tech-savvy rivals. They possess far more effective shipping delay mitigation technology due to their ability to change with the times.

#4. Vehicle Issues

Unfortunately, vehicle breakdowns are an inevitable occurrence at one stage or another. A courier company with a web-based tracking service or real-time updates can see the nearest driver to the vehicle experiencing problems, and dispatch them within minutes. This ensures any shipping delays are minor and do not negatively impact the business. In the same vein, companies that don’t have such up-to-date tracking cannot provide the same service, therefore delays are more likely and rectifying these issues can take even longer. 

#5. Incomplete or Inaccurate Information

Delivery services can not flow successfully when the information is inaccurate or incomplete. The system can work like a well-oiled machine, but everything needs to be correct in order for this to happen, and this is where a lot of business and delivery company relationships fall down.

To ensure incorrect information doesn’t cause shipping delays, partnering with a courier service who can provide you with an account manager cannot be overlooked. A dedicated account manager will be experienced and know exactly what information and details are required to eliminate the stressful aspect of shipments, ensuring the delivery process runs smoothly and free from avoidable delays.

#6. Lost Packages

Always a cause for frustration is not knowing where your parcel is. Whether it has been misplaced or the shipping label has been damaged, there is no excuse for lost or missing packages. While tracking and tracing technology can help with this, simple elements like proof of delivery can protect both the business and the courier company, minimising shipping delays and ensuring timely delivery.

#7. Weather 

Weather can cause road-closures, flight cancellations and service suspensions. It is true that weather cannot be controlled, no matter how exceptional a courier company is. The best they can do is find alternative routes or other methods of transportation that ensure that any weather-related delays can be (safely) circumnavigated as quickly as possible. 

#8. Traffic Conditions

Like weather, traffic conditions (especially in cities) can cause serious shipping delays. Depending on your requirements, air freight is often a better option due to the fast and efficient service, not to mention the lack of traffic jams, detours, accidents and road blocks. 

If delivery by road is necessary, even for  part of the journey, route optimization software can be used, as well as avoiding rush hour or especially busy times, to ensure the delivery is not held up unnecessarily. 

#9. Incorrect Customs Documentation

Having the right documents needed to get through customs is something that can cause delays if not handled right. Partnering with an experienced courier company means that they will be able to deal with this for you. Some courier companies have a level of expertise that can not only minimise shipping delays at customs, but make it as smooth and streamlined as the rest of the delivery. Be sure to find out from your chosen company their experience in fast-tracking deliveries through customs.

#10. The Pandemic

As with any global event, the rules are always changing and no one can know how things are going to pan out. The COVID-19 pandemic is one such event. There have been countless situations around the world of supply chains being disrupted, shortages of everything across every sector, and delivery of goods taking longer than ever.

With an experienced courier company, there are ways of ensuring certain deliveries can be handled quickly, efficiently and without excessive costs. After more than two years of unprecedented circumstances, flexible courier companies have been able to adapt and work around new rules to help businesses to feel as little impact as possible when it comes to shipping delays during these challenging times.

A large number of the above delivery delay  issues, if not all, can be mitigated by making the right choice when it comes to choosing a courier company to partner with your business. Royale International has 25+ years’ experience, which makes them experts at ensuring fast, efficient delivery without delay. Their team of dedicated account managers will simplify the whole process, to remove not only the stressful element of ensuring all the right paperwork is filled in with the right information and sent to the right place and the right people, but also the likelihood of shipping delays. 

Partnering with Royale can remove the woes surrounding the fallout delivery delays can cause. Trust their unparalleled level of service, professionalism and experience when choosing the right courier company for your business, learn more today:

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