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Time Critical account managers: Why are they essential in securing your supply chain?

Time Critical account managers play an important role in offering Time Critical logistics solutions to tier suppliers and OEMs. With around-the-clock support from them, your logistics needs can be met, and more importantly your business’ shipments will be delivered within the desired timeframe. The following article will display the benefits of having a dedicated Time Critical account manager for your business.

Why do you need a Time Critical account manager?

Tailored Time Critical Solutions

As Time Critical Managers have extensive knowledge and experience in the logistics industry, they can assess critical shipping needs and offer your business a tailored logistics solution. From Next Flight Out (NFO) to On-Board Couriers and charter flights, Time Critical account managers can assess your logistics needs, ensuring the safe and prompt arrival of your goods.

Acting as a ‘Bridge’ between clients and the operations teams

No matter how complex your shipping requests are, Time Critical account managers will communicate with operations teams to provide immediate assistance at every level of your supply chain. These two business units have an extremely tight connection as Time Critical account managers convey your needs to the operations team clearly and within an adequate timeframe. As a result, the operations team can effectively manage shipments, meeting the needs of various clients. Through this tight collaboration all parties can fulfil your requests below:

  • 24/7/365 Global high responsiveness.
  • Provide adequate delivery solutions such as On-board couriers, Next Flight Out (NFO) services, charters & hot shots.
  • Fulfil special requirements such as lift gating, temperature-controlled deliveries, multimodal & special packaging.
  • Assisting with standard delivery procedures in terms of normal supply chain practices and customs regulations.
  • Real-time monitoring & tracking systems.

How do our Time Critical account managers secure your supply chain?

Royale International has a dedicated team of Time Critical account managers across the globe to ensure a positive experience throughout the Time Critical logistics process. Through our many years of experience in offering Time Critical solutions to OEMs and Fortune 500 companies, we are capable of working in a fast-paced matrix logistics environment and serving customers’ requests. From providing your business with a quotation and flight routing within 30 minutes, to getting your item safely on board accompanied by one of our dedicated Onboard Couriers, can be a matter of hours. Our hand carry services provide the fastest and safest Time Critical logistics solutions available across the globe.

When you partner with Royale, you are working with a global Time Critical company trusted by many world-renowned companies. Get in touch today to find out more about our impeccable Time Critical solutions!

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