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Charter Flights & Time Critical shipments – how does it work? 

Across the globe, large and small manufacturers are working together. They supply automotive, aerospace and electronic components to production and assembly plants to ensure smooth production and assembly processes. There are however unexpected situations such as machinery breakdowns, component shortages and extreme weather conditions that can cause delivery failure and therefore delay business processes. Due to predetermined schedules, flights to particular destinations are not always immediately available. For that reason, the best option can be to charter a flight to deliver your valuable and time sensitive shipments. The following article will go over the concept of charter flights and how they can help your business.

The concept of charter flights: How does it work?

Charter flights are unscheduled flights that are on demand and not part of regular airline flight plans. Due to the unscheduled itineraries, flights can depart when needed so that shipments can reach its destination within a required timeframe. At Royale International, we offer the best Time Critical charter flight solutions for your business, helping you to deliver goods urgently from one place to another.

What charter flights suit your business?

Commercial Charter

Charter flights that are used for business purposes from a company are considered ‘’commercial charters’’. When manufacturers are in need of sending out components to production and assembly plants within a rapid timeframe, then there are no flights in the regular flight plan. Commercial charters can be utilized to ensure supply chains can be maintained without disruptions. They can deliver a variety of goods such as condensers, ion generators, spark plugs, air flow meters, stainless steel gate valves, rotors, etc. No matter how urgent your shipment is at that moment. Commercial charter flights are usually the fastest, and most efficient way to ship your company’s products.

Medical Charter

Other than the automotive and electronic industries, the medical industry requires charters for medical shipments. A medical charter indicates the transport of medical supplies, including live organs, clinical trials, stem cells, commercial medicines, API, etc. Furthermore, throughout the journey, the shipment is frequently supervised by trained aviation medical staff, ensuring the Life Sciences products are handled properly and transported with extreme care and precision.

Why would you choose charter flights over regular flights?

Flexible Flight Schedules & Routings

Via charter solutions you get to be at the helm of your itinerary. Compared to Next Flight Out and Handcarry delivery solutions, charter flights have flexible flight schedules & routings. Your logistics partner can select a flight schedule (timing and routing) that ensures goods can be delivered within the required timeframe.

Reaching Remote Areas and avoiding delays

Through a charter solution, your logistics provider can choose to land at smaller airports, which makes it easier to reach remote areas. Due to direct access to remote areas, a charter solution may be preferred over a Handcarry or Next-Flight-Out service. On some occasions, access to remote areas can ensure your shipment arrives at the right time at right place. That will secure your supply chain movement, therefore charter flights are an effective and reliable solution in Time Critical situations. As such, charter flights often have less delays, cancellations, and are highly flexible.

Are charter flights expensive?

Depending on the type of charter flights you are looking for, they can be expensive. However, there are some cost-effective offers that logistics providers can offer. Furthermore, the cost of a line down situation can easily exceed the cost of chartering a flight.

With over 25 years of Time Critical logistics experience, Royale International offers the most effective charter flight solutions to businesses across the globe to maintain supply chains and avoid line down situations. Click here to learn more about our Time Critical Services.

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