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On-Board Couriers: How to secure Time Critical shipments?

When security and speed are main concerns, On-Board Couriers are the logistic solution your organisation is looking for. Our on-Board Couriers are highly trained to Hand Carry automotive, aerospace and electronic parts between destinations across the globe.

In Time Critical circumstances, our couriers play a critical role in logistics processes by hand carrying shipments to the required destination. They supervise shipments with one-on-one attention, ensuring its safe and prompt arrival.

At Royale International we don’t leave anything up to chance when it comes to Time Critical logistics. To guarantee the quality and reliability of our Time Critical we focus on three key points:

Professional and well-trained On-Board Couriers (OBCs)

Our On-Board Couriers are professional and well-trained individuals, ensuring the highest level of security and personal care of your products. To be qualified as an On-Board Courier, he or she has to be accredited by the Transport Security Administration (TSA) and pass language

Our staff have to acquire an excellent knowledge of logistics and supply chain to understand how we deliver shipments in the fastest and safest way according to customer’s requirements.

After selecting potential candidates, Royale International organises On-Board Courier briefings, making them fully
understand their role as an OBC.

Pre-briefing and trainings: Prior to Time Critical deliveries our team provides briefings to staff to provide information on the routing, flight details, customs regulations, best ways of handling goods.

Our instructors will highlight the following milestones to our On-Board Couriers:

  1. Mission accepted: Our staff accepts our mission invitation. He or she is committed to transporting the Time Critical shipment at a specific time and date.
  2. Pick-up: Our staff receives the urgent shipment at the airport and starts the check-in process.
  3. Flight: After checking-in and boarding, our staff takes care of your items during the flight, ensuring its safety from one place to another.
  4. Tracking: Our staff gives us live updates during every step of the hand carry transport, from check-in to customs clearance.
  5. Delivery: Our staff has successfully delivered the Time Critical product to the destination.

Proactive monitoring and updating of goods

Customer shipments must go through various checkpoints such as check-ins, security screening and shipment clearance. To create a better customer experience, our Global Control Towers are in touch with our staff during hand carries. Through these towers Royale International maintains a complete overview and oversight during urgent deliveries.

Proactive monitoring provides many advantages leading to successful Time Critical deliveries. Through frequent communicated updates by our staff, On-Board Couriers give us the ability to be transparent and create visibility to customers.

Compliance with our specific procedures

All shipments that our staff carrying comply with the official customs procedures. Our staff bring along all paperwork such as import/export declarations, packing lists, and job details to ensure the transport goes smoothly.

To conclude, our Time Critical services comprise of well-trained and professional staff, which contributes to our high-quality standard.

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