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COVID-19 Bone Marrow Hand Carries


In the most critical stage of the Covid-19 pandemic, global air travel reached an all-time low. Governments decided to shut borders and impose lockdowns, leaving no choice for airlines to drastically cut passenger flights. Consequently, this shortage of flights reduced the number of available delivery options for global logistics providers.


In this challenging period, Royale International received a request for a Life Saving Bone Marrow delivery. The client pointed out that no other logistics provider was able to handle this request because of the strenuous shipping circumstances. The shortage of flights and restrictions on travel made Time Critical & sensitive deliveries extremely difficult.

Royale International had to find a creative solution to ensure the bone marrow arrived on-time and in good condition, knowing that someone’s life depended on it.


Through experience, expertise and flexibility Royale International managed to provide a creative hybrid shipping solution to the client.

We arranged a hotshot truck with dedicated courier to rapidly deliver the bone marrow from the hospital to the origin airport. Meanwhile, we had positioned one of our most experienced couriers at the origin airport. After his arrival the courier stayed in the terminal, where we had arranged a shipment handover. This way, the on board courier could avoid mandatory quarantine regulations in between flights.

After our on board courier arrived at the destination airport, we delivered the shipment to the designated hospital. Shortly after the delivery took place, the bone marrow transplant operation was executed successfully.

Due to a combination of experience, expertise, and flexibility, Royale International was the only logistics company that managed to handle Life Saving Hand Carries under these extreme shipping circumstances while maintaining a 100% delivery success rate.

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