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Accredited Logistics Solutions with Royale Taipei

To support Taiwan's demand in biologistics and healthcare needs, Royale Taipei commits to accredited logistics for various biologistics needs.

Royale Taipei is proud to announce the successful accreditation of its pre-conditioning facility under Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines earlier this month. This significant achievement underscores Royale International’s commitment to accredited logistics solutions and supports Taiwan’s strategic initiative to transform into a biomedical innovation hub.

Since 2022, Taiwan aims to enhance its biologistics capabilities to meet the needs of its rapidly aging population. Our pre-conditioning facility has undergone temperature mapping in line with GDP standards. The facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art refrigeration units, thermal boxes, dry shippers, and high-end data loggers. As a result, our Taipei office can now handle increased shipment volumes, providing bespoke, high-quality accredited logistics for biologic shipments. 

Under our global Quality Management System (QMS), Royale Taipei’s experts offer one-stop, integrated, and temperature-controlled logistics solutions. With over 30 years of experience, we ensure secure and seamless shipping that considers the local landscape, specific biologic product requirements, and optimal routing technology. 

Philip Murton, Sales Director – Life Science, and Travers Linton, Southeast Asia General Manager, are available to discuss temperature-controlled logistics needs within the region. They offer tailored solutions for a variety of Life Science products. For inquiries, please contact:

Upgraded Services in action

How Royale’s upgraded services enhance biologistics capabilities? Let’s review with the case study below:

“A stem cell donor was found in Turkey. Their cells needed to be shipped to Israel within 72 hours before it lost its viability. A medical courier in Turkey was found and dispatched to Germany for a connecting flight to Israel. However, bad weather arrangements led to a delayed flight and made it impossible for the specimen to be delivered via the initial route. Another medical courier was dispatched from Israel on a chartered flight with all the prepared documents they needed to enter Turkey and personally pick up the specimen. The courier returned to Israel and dropped off the shipment at the hospital for use.”

The top-tier and unified training of both couriers involved showed flexibility when delays took place. It was the initial courier’s transparency in communicating delays that allowed our industry experts to re-route the shipment. Finally, it was the adaptability and experience of our couriers, that made them prepare their documents (especially during the pandemic period) and avoid time-costing errors for the shipment.

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