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Simplifying Logistics in the Apparel and Textile Industry

There is no question that supply chains are complex. Managing them correctly is crucial to avoid affecting your business’ overall efficiency. This is due to the fact that businesses rely on their supply chain, and the intricacies of supply chains in the apparel & textile sphere after the pandemic, have skyrocketed to that of paramount importance. Textile and apparel supply chains involve a high volume goods, be it fabric samples or button options, therefore simplicity is important and necessary. And due to the pandemic, businesses and courier companies alike have learned many lessons. One key lesson is that the simpler the supply chain, the more effective, efficient and easy it can be. So, simplifying logistics within the apparel and textile industry has become something businesses are striving to achieve. 

Apparel and Textile Logistics

While simplifying the process might seem a straightforward task, a supply chain as complex as that in the apparel and textile industry needs to be carefully managed and maintained to ensure its continued success in the future. Only with appropriate management processes in place can changes be made to simplify and streamline the supply chain, without creating any avoidable obstacles. The supply chain needs to be easy to understand, but also flexible and agile enough to adapt to unforeseeable changes. With so many suppliers based in numerous different locations, the overall management can be difficult and time-consuming – but that is exactly why it needs to be simplified.  

By outsourcing all your logistics, and partnering with a reliable courier partner, you can take away the stress, and place your trust in a courier company who will be able to actively help you simplify your apparel and textile supply chains. This can be achieved by implementing the following simple, yet effective tactics: 

#1. Adopt Courier Continuity 

While it may seem obvious, the more people involved in a supply chain the more complex, confusing (and sometimes chaotic) it is likely to be. There is a way to lessen the number of parties involved, without directly changing your suppliers. By partnering with one universal courier company, all aspects of the supply chain logistics can be simplified. The textile and apparel industry has many suppliers due to the number of materials required, from different fabrics, right down to buttons and zippers. 

By using one courier provider – and getting all your suppliers to do the same – there is more transparency throughout the supply chain. This also means that for any delays or hold-ups, your courier partner can tackle them head on, as they are aware of all parts of the chain. There is also a potential for cost-saving or financial benefits when your whole supply chain is using the same courier company. 

international courier

#2. Global Reach 

Since the pandemic, more and more businesses are adopting global supply chains to avoid the disruptions experienced by COVID. Expanding a supply chain, while giving businesses peace of mind when it comes to supplier reliability, usually results in a more complex supply chain. By partnering with a courier company who has a global reach, textile and apparel supply chains can avoid the added complexity, while still receiving all the benefits of being global.  

Courier companies who have a global presence – be it offices around the world, partner companies in multiple locations, or both – are able to manage logistics from anywhere. Their ability to have a presence on a worldwide scale adds an extra layer of not only simplicity but security.  

#3. Account Managers 

By partnering with a courier company who has the capabilities to assign a dedicated account manager to a business, you are ensuring you have a point of contact who has their finger directly on the pulse of your supply chain. This is a way of simplifying the supply chain in terms of both control and visibility. If you have any questions or want to know specific information about any aspect of your supply chain, your courier company-assigned account manager will be able to help. This method not only simplifies the supply chain itself but makes your business more involved in the supply chain too.  

Apparel and textile logistics involve the integration of information, transportation, and inventory of parts, samples and swatches. Logistics is the way the supply chain operates, adding value, time management and simplicity. Today the complexity of production logistics is often high – especially in apparel and textiles – therefore partnering with a courier company like Royale International is a huge plus for any business. 

Royale International is a courier company with more than 30+ years of experience, and has an unparalleled track record of working in the apparel and textile industry. They have been simplifying supply chains for countless businesses, from start-ups to globally renowned companies. Their ability to successfully simplify supply chains is not only down to experience, but also to their global reach and presence. Moreover ,they have a dedicated array of account managers who are ready to assist apparel businesses in managing and streamlining their supply chains. 

To find out more about how Royale International can help you simplify your apparel and textile logistics, click the link below. 

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