Fashion & Garments

Royale International is a key player with regards to the global logistics of the fashion & garment items.

In today’s environment, fashion trends are changing rapidly to fulfill customers’ needs. The flow of fashion products between manufacturers, retailers and consumers must be strongly coordinated to maintain efficient supply chain. Therefore, it is important to find a reliable courier logistics partner that is knowledgeable on the manufacturing and distribution processes of the industry.


As specialists, Royale International is extremely proud of understanding and fulfilling the logistics needs of the fashion & garment industry.

Throughout the pre-production stage, apparel manufacturers frequently send samples such as fabrics, accessories, zips, and buttons to retailers across the globe for approval. After approval, the production starts, and finished products need to also be transported to retailers to meet retail deadlines. Throughout these processes, transport between various parties must be fast, transparent and efficient, as delays can have major implications and incur significant costs. Our worldwide network of offices enables us to select the fastest and the most flexible shipping routes for your consignments. Providing late cut-off times, end-to-end tracking, and overnight shipping services are key solutions to help elevate your business.

Furthermore, for bulky shipments, many of our customers trust us to meet their most demanding requirements via our air freight solutions. Whatever your needs and shipment type, we work together with carefully selected carriers to bring you a flexible range of cost-effective options based on the most appropriate schedules, so you can plan your business effectively.


Moreover, most retailers have started to build their E-commerce business models to fulfill customer expectations and increase revenue. Seeing this massive growth in the E-commerce industry, Royale has invested heavily over the last few years to offer a full range of E-commerce solutions.

We provide cross-border, Pick-Up Drop-Off (PUDO) and reverse delivery services with a variety of price and transit options. Whether you are looking for brick-and-mortar, e-commerce or multichannel fulfillment, we offer the best tailor made solutions for your business. We make it happen!

Key Benefits when using our Courier Services


Late cut-off times


Overnight deliveries


Quick response times and personal account management


Direct routings and online tracking