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Hand Carry Service for Special Deliveries

There is no doubt that a key asset of any business is the relationship they have with their logistics partner. Logistics companies are being relied upon more and more by businesses across all industries. Especially those that regularly require a Time Critical service. The benefit of hand carry service is the speed at which a shipment can get from point A to point B; for any delivery on a time crunch, Time Critical service is a must. It is true, therefore, that logistics providers who want to create meaningful partnerships with businesses need to ensure that they provide a reputable, reliable Time Critical service.  

Hand Carry Service for Special Deliveries

But what about when it comes down to not only time, but also care? There are many deliveries that require a fast turnaround time. That can only be achieved by using a Time Critical service, but also special handling. Thus, it is critical that logistics companies are able to provide both. Valuable, fragile or delicate items can all be classed as ‘special’ deliveries, and therefore need to be treated as such. 

Hand Carry services

Hand Delivery by an On-Board Courier (known as Hand Carry service) is the answer. Combining Time Critical deliveries with a heightened level of care, logistics companies that provide this service are far more highly valued by businesses. Royale International is one such provider. They have an unparalleled reputation for offering high-quality Time Critical services, and their Hand Carry service is no different. Royale also has dedicated, well-trained staff who will provide the care and attention special deliveries require, something many other companies cannot claim to have. 

Hand Carry service is there for you when Time Critical services aren’t enough. So what does a Hand Carry service from Royale International actually offer? Put simply: Peace of mind. Hand Carry means a professional from Royale International is responsible for your delivery. Royale will schedule the pick-up of the parcel, and it will be safely transported to the airport. Skipping the queues which are time-consuming and slow the whole process down. Your parcel is carried by hand into the passenger cabin, treated as carry-on rather than hold luggage. The person carrying your parcel boards and disembarks the aircraft, with their hands on your shipment at all times. As soon as they land, your shipment is picked up by a dedicated vehicle and delivered to its final destination. 

Royale’s reputation for its Hand Carry service is so high for a number of reasons. These include: 

1. Responsive Account Manager 

Royale has a range of dedicated account managers ready to be of service. With experience in and working with the industry your business operates in, they have specific knowledge and understanding of the sector, and how your delivery needs to be handled. They will be your point of contact throughout the entirety of your delivery, from pick up to drop off. What is more, they have professional training to ensure they are qualified and knowledgeable enough to handle the whole process. While other companies can offer similar, Royale’s range of account managers make them perfect partners you can trust to Hand Carry your delivery in a Time Critical manner. 

2. Strong Security Focus 

No matter the actual monetary value of your shipment, security is always a priority. Aside from the other benefits, by bringing the shipment into the aircraft itself, your account manager can ensure they have hands (and eyes) on your delivery throughout. Royale International guarantees the safety and security of your delivery, from pick up right through to delivery. Even after the flight itself, an allocated vehicle specifically for your shipment will collect and then deliver your goods. Time Critical is a priority with Hand Carry service, but security is something Royale is equally dedicated to. 

3. High Transparency  

Transparency and traceability are both key elements of Royale International’s Hand Carry Service. Just like Time Critical, you will have the ability to track and trace your shipment throughout each stage of the delivery process. With a Hand Carry service you get even more, as there will be someone with your parcel at all times. They will be able to give you real-time updates, with full transparency regarding the status of the shipment. Including a confirmation of arrival at the destination for both the sender and recipient. With full transparency, you can follow the process and have confidence that Royale’s reliability is sound, and that your shipment is literally in the best hands. 

4. Careful Handling 

While it might sound like an obvious aspect of any Hand Carry service. Ensuring your parcel arrives in the same state as it was sent in is absolutely paramount. Royale can ensure this by making sure every step of the journey is carefully choreographed and planned out, and your shipment is treated with efficiency and care. All shipments, those that are fragile and delicate as well as those that are not, will be handled professionally with the necessary awareness and protection.  

When you decide to partner with Royale International, you will be able to ensure you have peace of mind regarding your delivery. Their combination of Hand Carry and Time Critical service have got you covered. Whether an urgent or high-stress situation, or simply a time-sensitive set of documents, Royale International provides nothing but the best service. By choosing to partner with Royale, you are choosing a Hand Carry service that is dependable, reliable and guarantees your shipment will be handled with the care it deserves.   

Find out more about Royale International’s Hand Carry and Time Critical Service here: 

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