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Urgent aircraft parts from Scotland to the US

Royale International has over 25 years of experience in providing Time Critical logistics solutions for the aerospace industry. In one of the solutions we provided over the past months we assisted an aerospace company to maintain their manufacturing and maintenance services, ensuring their shipment was transported rapidly from Scotland to the US. We eventually helped our client to prevent an AOG situation.

  • Two packages of aircraft antenna components, each weighing 39kg, transported from Scotland to the US within 26 hours.
  • Royale International completed customs papers, organised high-value insurance and arranged a driver on site to collect the goods.
  • The aerospace company was able to solve technical problems right away and avoided potentially devastating downtime & delays from AOG.


Aircraft on Ground – also known as AOG – indicates that a plane cannot fly due to technical problems. Grounded aircraft usually require repairs and maintenance, thus the need for additional components. This was the case for an aerospace company that urgently needed to transport aircraft parts to keep the production line running. Our client is a leading aerospace company, producing a variety of components such as conformal airborne antennas, couplers, HPAs, diplexers, attenuators and combiners. They needed a Time Critical delivery from their site to the production plant, maintaining the supply chain and fulfilling the airline’s capability to deliver a trusted, reliable service to passengers.


An urgent call in the morning prompted an emergency door-to-door delivery from Scotland to Boston. The client requested assistance in transporting crucial aircraft antenna components to the production plant in Boston, needing them to reach within the shortest period of time to keep the plane flying. Without the prompt delivery of aerospace parts, the aircraft could not continue to operate, rendering it grounded and unable to fly. Eventually, a few hours of delay would have meant a disaster for the client as they might lose millions of dollars. 


Royale’s dedicated Time Critical Team immediately started to work on the client’s request, keeping the aircraft’s downtime to a minimum. Within 30 minutes, we provided a detailed quotation & the quickest flight routing to our client. Once they accepted our offer, we immediately dispatched a vehicle to the pickup point in Scotland and drove all the way to London Heathrow Airport (LHR). After that, we ensured the shipment got into the next available flight to Boston and eventually to the client’s hand.

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