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How our temperature monitoring systems secure your Life Sciences shipment

The increasing number of matches for organ transplants has sparked a growing need for temperature-controlled transport. With the help of temperature monitoring systems our Life Sciences logistics experts can safely manage your shipment, so that products are maintained within the right temperature range. Below you can find out how our temperature monitoring systems secure your Life Sciences shipment.

Temperature Monitoring Systems: How do they work?

A temperature monitoring system monitors the temperature of a particular environment. It is an essential tool for both Life Sciences logistics providers and clients (e.g., hospitals, clinics, donation centres or pharmaceutical companies) to observe and track temperatures throughout the journey.

Taking the “Life Sciences Case Study” as an example, Royale International used the temperature monitoring system for the delivery of bone marrow for a child in urgent need of a transplant. The system allows OBCs to track the temperature range during transport.

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What Temperature Monitoring Systems does Royale offer to ensure product integrity during transport? 

Data Loggers 

Data loggers vary depending on the functionality. From temperature to humidity, accelerometer and pressure-focused data loggers. Most data loggers can store data and record changes in conditions over time. 

By placing the temperature & humidity data logger inside the temperature-controlled packaging, Royale can monitor both the external environment and the temperature inside the container.  Other advantages of using data loggers are listed as follows: 

Temperature Indicators 

Temperature indicators are installation devices which measure temperature readings through electrical signals. The information usually includes the date & time, temperature range, and humidity level. At Royale International we always have temperature indicators located in our pharma rooms, ensuring Life Sciences packaging materials are maintained under the right atmospheric conditions. 

Key Benefits of Our Temperature Monitoring Systems: How Do We Secure Your Life Sciences Shipment? 

Tracking the Temperature Changes 

On-Board Couriers are able to track the temperature changes during transport. In case temperature excursions occur, they will inform our Operations Team. Subsequently, the operations team is able to liaise with the client and provide instructions to the On-Board Courier if needed. 

Generate Reports 

Our temperature monitoring systems automatically generate reports so that we can have a better understanding of temperature-controlled delivery trends.  

Furthermore, clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries may require these reports as they are important for compliance purposes. If the product integrity has been compromised throughout the journey, using these products may have a negative impact. These reports help display that the product is actually maintained within the correct temperature range throughout transport. 

Customised Indicators 

With our temperature monitoring systems, we can easily customize indicators based on the type of product your business needs, ensuring your goods are maintained at the right temperature. 

Temperature monitoring systems are fundamental to ensure Life Sciences products are maintained within optimal conditions. Royale has largely invested in developing systems & purchasing devices such as data loggers and temperature indicators, ensuring your shipment arrives at the right time and at the required temperature. 

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