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Next Flight Out (NFO): How to improve your business efficiency? 

In today’s environment, international business is done at a rapid pace. When it comes to shipping products internationally, Next Flight Out (NFO) solutions are used to ensure products arrive on time and business operations run effectively.  

What is Next Flight Out (NFO)? 

Next Flight Out (NFO) refers to an express air freight service that guarantees shipments arrive within a particular timeframe. Most businesses are looking for NFO solutions in critical circumstances, where last-minute shipments are required. This service is more expensive than others but is one of the best solutions to transport time-sensitive products. 

How does Next Flight Out (NFO) work? 

When customers need to ship Time-Critical items, they can call, email or send an online request to a Time Critical provider. Information such as contact details, the origin and destination address, shipment weight, product descriptions, number of items/ boxes and latest delivery time & date should be given to the Time-Critical provider.  

After that, the Time-Critical provider identifies the optimal flight routing and provides a quotation to the customer. Once the customer accepts the offer, Time-Critical provider picks up the shipment and transports it to the destination within the fastest possible time. 

How can Next Flight Out (NFO) services improve your business efficiency? 

Order Fulfillment  

Next Flight Out shipping is widely adopted. Most companies in the automotive, aerospace, electronic or medical industry require urgent shipments to maximize product output and maintain business efficiency.  

Examples are: 

  1. Consumer Needs in the Electronic Industry: Electronic circuit boards are in high demand. Manufactures have to send electronic components to production plants to maintain production processes and prevent line down situations. In case manufacturers miss the delivery deadline. Next Flight Out (NFO) shipping services are needed to avoid delays and maintain the supply chain. 

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  1. Critical Deadlines in the Automotive Industry: In the automotive industry Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and tier 1 suppliers often have to collaborate in order to meet production deadlines. To keep production lines going, OEMs have to send vehicle components to production plants as quickly as possible. In case these original shipment deadlines cannot be met, Next Flight Out (NFO) services are required to hit critical deadlines. 
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  1. Medical Supplies: On the grounds of ensuring adequate medical supplies, an express delivery via Next Flight Out (NFO) is an option to maintain the supply chain. 
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Secure the Supply Chain Process 

Many businesses rely on the Just-In-Time delivery concept in which the supply chain becomes very fragile. In case the supply chain faces disruption. Next Flight Out (NFO) solutions ensure products are getting on the next available flight, which eventually prevents line down situations. 

AOG situations 

In an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situation, the plane is not able to fly due to technical defects. This means that the plane is unable to re-enter rotation until it is approved for flight. When aircrafts are awaiting parts, those parts must be driven and flown to the aircraft in the most efficient pattern to minimize time on the ground. In case this happens, Next Flight Out (NFO) shipping services can provide immediate solutions.  

To conclude, Next Flight Out (NFO) shipping services are used to fulfil orders, secure the supply chain process and overcome AOG situations. Most importantly, NFO shipping ensures business operations can maintain full efficiency.   

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