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5 Important Things Your Business Delivery Partner Should Offer  

When choosing a B2B courier, it is important to make sure you are getting the best service possible. While many companies do offer suitable courier services, there are several questions that need to be asked. To ensure that the service is, in fact, everything it claims to be. 
We have put together a list of five key elements, that every first-class logistics service should provide in order to be your business delivery partner. 

1.       Flexibility

When choosing a delivery partner to pair your business with, flexibility is of huge importance. A service that is flexible allows for the making of quick decisions. That comes up with solutions in the face of unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances. 

When a business delivery partner doesn’t offer a high level of flexibility. Then they would be unlikely to be able to navigate potential difficulties. A B2B courier’s flexibility is one of the most important things to consider. Would they be able to arrange flexible routes at short notice? If you had to make changes because the initial delivery route was not an option. Would you still get your delivery on time? Only by asking these questions, can you ensure you are getting a logistics service that your company can rely on. 

With the ongoing effects of the pandemic, it is key – now more so than ever – that a delivery company has the ability to be flexible, adaptable, and quick thinking to provide top level service. 

2.       A Dedicated Account Manager

Having a dedicated account manager provided should never be underestimated. Not only will an account manager make the connection with your business delivery partner easier, but it streamlines and simplifies the whole logistics process. Many courier companies cannot or do not offer this service. So it is crucial to understand how much easier the process can be. When you use a company that does provide an account manager. Which take care of the company B2B logistics means that you have one contact point for all services. 

Account managers serve as your link to the delivery company. Meaning you’re not constantly talking to various people who provide different information. Your account manager is responsible for all elements of your business’ logistics and will be the one person who you will need to communicate with. They will arrange and facilitate every stage of your logistics process. Removing the stress and the headache this can often cause. 

A good B2B courier company will provide an account manager for every customer, who can update the business and keeps in touch to ensure everything is going according to plan. 

Bearing in mind your account manager will oversee and be point of contact for all matters concerning the delivery of goods, premium logistics providers will go the extra mile. That is to say that, where possible, account managers who have experience in your business space would be appointed your account manager. Whether that means they have worked in the space, or they have primarily focused on the area where your business operates. It allows an extra layer of expertise, therefore making the process even smoother. After all, 80% of business customers cite convenience, speed, knowledgeable help, and friendly service as the most important elements of a good experience. Thus a knowledgeable account manager can make all the difference. 

When choosing your courier company, don’t only ask about the appointment of an account manager. Also, you should ask yourself why a specific account manager would be the best fit for your business. A high-class courier company will be able to answer these questions for you, helping you to make an informed, business-conscious decision. 

3.       Wide Service Range  

Different deliveries require different services. When your business forms a business relationship with a courier company. The more services that company can offer will result in how beneficial to your business this relationship can be. 

There are several crucial questions to ask both yourself and your potential courier partner to ensure you’re getting the services you require. What if you need something delivered quicker than standard courier service? Can the shipping company cater to express delivery? Do they even offer this service? 

While it may be true that some deliveries are on less of a ‘time crunch’. It is more important to understand if the company can offer fast delivery. It is safe to say that if they can easily accomplish fast or express shipping, then standard shipping should be no problem. Make sure a company your business partners with can provide a top tier service. 

4.       Tracking 

Tracking is a key part of delivery in all its forms. Any good logistics company should be able to offer detailed tracking. So that the stage of the delivery process your parcel is at any given time can be known. Most courier companies offer tracking, but the details given are often insufficient for B2B shipments. A large portion of the tracking systems group the whole logistics process to ‘in transit’ which is not helpful. For business perspective, they are considering the exact location of their parcel and the expected delivery time. 

Many tracking services have improved, more detailed tracking system that is a lot more accurate to both senders and receivers. In order to track precisely the delivery status of parcels. 

Superior courier service companies can offer a ‘real-time’ tracking feature, eliminating the chance of lost packages and enabling companies to literally keep track of their shipments. Companies can also provide SMS services and online tracking facilities. Similarly, if you partner with a company that will appoint you an account manager, then you have yet another avenue to use to track your shipments’ status. You can contact your account manager to get updates on your parcel. 

It is imperative for businesses to be able to track shipments. Therefore, asking your interested logistics company, which your are considering in partnering about their tracking system options, shouldn’t be forgotten.

Find out more about how tracking works here. 

5.       Industrial Experience 

When choosing a business delivery partner, you should always look at both the track record and level of experience. Companies that have been in business for longer are, more likely to provide a good service. 

There are many companies that provide courier services due to the growth experienced within this area, which means those that not only survive but excel, with an ever-growing customer base, are certainly worth considering. Global expansion together with a wide range of services indicates a strong, loyal customer base of businesses who want to experience exemplary logistic services – and businesses don’t partner with B2B couriers who can’t deliver (literally!). 

Business needs are ever-changing and are different depending on industry and other specific requirements. Thus, companies that already perform well on delivering an excellent customer experience cannot be complacent. A customer-centric firm acknowledges that improvements must be made on an ongoing basis. The more receptive companies to evolution are those that are agile and open to applying design thinking to the customer experience. This entails reinventing how customers interact with the company to reengineer and transform the customer journey. 

Royale International is a rare example where all the points above come together. With over 25+ years’ experience, Royal International continues to grow and evolve to tailor their wide range of services to suit you and your business, no matter your needs. With offices around the world, they operate 24/7, 365 days a year. Their flexibility and wide service-range are unparalleled, and they make an ideal B2B business courier company. 

When you partner with Royale International you will be assigned an account manager who knows and understands your industry and requirements, who will work with you to make the logistics process for your business easier. Royale provides online tracking services, service flexibility and, of course, you can contact your account manager whatever your needs. 

For more information on a globally recognised courier company who guarantee satisfaction, contact Royale International today:

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