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Royale the Bear will be missed!

Royale the bear will be missed!

It is with deep sadness to announce that Royale International’s rescued bear, named “Royale”, passed away at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre (VBRC) earlier this year due to lethargy and exhausted hind limb weakness.  

Royale was a gentle and friendly bear that received joy and love by the VBRC team and the other bears around him. Despite the struggles he faced, he had the best support: 

  • In 2015, “Royale” was rescued from bear farms at Ha Long Bay. “Royale” and the others found sanctuary at VBRC under surgeons, Dr. Shaun Thompson, Dr. Kate Shipton and Dr. Thai Le. They quickly discovered an infection on his hind wrist from his time in captivity.  
  • In 2019, after extensive research and discussions with specialists, the team amputated his hind limb. This was to remedy the pain with the lowest chance of surgical failure. Additionally, our Founder, John Fawcett and Director for Life Sciences, Phil Murton, with Animals Asia raised funds for “Royale’s” welfare. Royale’s surgical success marked an important milestone for Animals Asia to be more proactive with the removal of painful limbs that cannot be healed other ways. 
  • In 2023, Dr. Rachel Sanki noted clinical signs of a poor heart such as tiredness and heavy breathing. With medication support from Prof. Lynne Nelson from Washington State University, Royale’s heart seemed to stabilise. 
  • However, in 2024, an emergency health check revealed that Royale’s body could no longer compensate the missing limb. He passed peacefully with the team around him. 


Royale International is thankful for the experts at the VBRC for always keeping us updated with Royale’s condition and caring for his well-being. In addition, we’d like to extend our gratitude to Animals Asia for giving us this platform to support the welfare of animals. Ultimately, we hope that “Royale” the bear finds the peace he deserves. 

“The mark you’ve made will always be  

Imprinted in our memory  

Just like the crescent on your chest.  

You are the moon we love the best.”

(An excerpt from “The moon we love the best,” read at Royale’s funeral) 

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