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6 Tonnes of Auto Parts Shipment

6 Tonnes of Auto Parts Shipment - Nuts and Bolts

Background of the 6 tonnes of auto parts shipment 

A Budapest-based automotive parts supplier initiated a criticalshipment to Houston (IAH) via Dubai International Airport (DPW). Overall, the shipment comprised of 13 pallets with a weight about 6.4 tonnes. Initially, the collection date for this shipment was set for Friday and the shipment was required to be in Houston by Monday. 


The Challenge 

Evidently, the primary challenge was the handling of a large volume of time-sensitive cargo. In addition, the specific dimensions and weight of the shipment with the tight pickup deadline required a strategic approach for transportation. Moreover, ruck restrictions are in place from 10:00 PM Saturday to 10:00 PM Sunday. Consequently, this added an extra layer of difficulty for our Industry Experts to finding an airline to handle the cargo at short notice. 


The Solution

Finally, our Time Critical experts implemented a hybrid logistics solution. In essence, the multi-step solution proceeded as follows: they opted to divide the large shipment into seven smaller loads, facilitating more efficient handling through customs clearance. Meanwhile, our global control towers swiftly explored various flight options and made customised arrangements to ensure the shipment’s timely drop-off. 

  1. Shipment Division: The team divided the shipment into seven smaller loads for efficient handling. 
  1. Flight Options Exploration: Swift exploration of flight options was conducted for timely delivery. 
  1. Customized Arrangements: Tailored arrangements ensured timely drop-off, exceeding client expectations. 
  1. Communication and Updates: Clear communication, transparent quotations, and regular updates were provided to the client. 
  1. Efficient Execution: Punctual arrival, efficient loading, and rapid document approval ensured seamless execution of the logistics involved. 

The Timeline: 

Time Friday 
15:50 Request made by the client 
16:10 Shipment Confirmation: Decision to split the 6 tonnes of auto parts into seven vans.
16:47 Initial flight arrangements being assessed 
17:40 Confirmation of Flight Options and Arrangements: Swift exploration of various flight options with tailored arrangements. 
18:01 Pickup ETA Provided: Clear and well-communicated estimated time of arrival for the shipment pickup 
20:22 Quotation Provided: Prompt generation of a competitive and transparent quotation. 
21:31 Charges Updated: Regular updates to the client on charges, ensuring transparency. 
23:17 Shipment Loaded: Punctual arrival of the dedicated truck driver and efficient loading onto vehicles.  
23:25 Document Approval: Swift approval of all necessary documents, finalizing pre-flight preparations. 
02:36 Driver arrives in Budapest Airport for Dubai leg 
01:36 Shipment arrives in Houston 

Despite facing tight deadlines, our Time Critical solution ensured a seamless and timely delivery. In addition to our capability to meet demanding timelines in high-stakes automotive shipments highlights the unique advantage of our Next Flight Out solutions, positioning Royale International as a trusted partner for time-sensitive and secure shipments in the world of auto logistics. 

To conclude, with over 30 years of experience, our couriers are ready 24/7/365 to assist in securing Time Critical shipments.  

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