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Case Study: Luxury Dress for Urgent Photoshoot in Taipei 


A globally acclaimed high-fashion brand faced an urgent need to transport a custom-made dress from Singapore to Taiwan for a scheduled fashion photoshoot. Recognizing the critical timeframe, they turned to Royale International for their Time Critical solutions to ensure swift and reliable delivery. 


The Challenge 

Faced with the urgent need to transport a bespoke dress from Singapore to Taiwan for a pre-booked fashion photoshoot within a tight 24-hour timeframe, our client required a solution that could ensure precision and speed. Shipping a delicate dress internationally within a day presents a significant challenge. The task demands meticulous care due to the fragile nature of the dress materials. Moreover, cost constraints added complexity to logistics. Successfully addressing these hurdles is crucial for ensuring timely and secure delivery, reflecting the challenges inherent in efficient fashion logistics. 


The Solution 

Royale International’s tailored Time Critical solutions proved instrumental in ensuring a smooth transit for the dress by swiftly mobilising its expert logistics team to orchestrate seamless coordination from collection to delivery. The shipment, picked up at 22:35 on January 17th, reached the destination within 12 hours. Notably, the dress arrived in Taipei in just 8 hours, showcasing our capability to provide a swift and efficient service. Our commitment to quick deliveries was evident, ensuring the consignment reached its destination in a remarkably short timeframe. 

Time 17 January 
19:02 Request was received by the Royale team 
21:02 Final quotation sent to client, with OBC as proposed solution 
21:42 Client approves of the quotation 
22:35 Shipment securely picked up from the Singapore location and handed over to the On-Board Courier  
  18 January 
00:10 Courier checks in and shipment is hand-carried onboard  
01:28 Courier boards the flight to Taiwan  
01:59 Flight departs from Singapore (SIN), en route to Taipei, Taiwan (TPE)  
06:28 Flight lands in Taipei 
06:50 Customs clearance completion, shipment was declared at customs  
06:52 Royale International’s local team takes charge of the dress for the final leg of the delivery.  
10:11 Dress successfully delivered to the consignee in Taipei, ready for the pre-booked photoshoot. 


Despite the extreme time constraints, Royale International’s Time Critical solutions ensured a seamless and punctual delivery. This case emphasises our dedication to precision, speed, and excellence in luxury logistics. Our capability to meet tight timelines in high-stakes fashion logistics not only highlights the reliability and efficiency of our services but also underscores the unique advantage of our dedicated On-Board Courier network. This specialized service ensures the highest level of security and care, positioning Royale International as a trusted partner for time-sensitive and secure shipments in the world of luxury fashion. 

With more than 30 years of experience, our couriers are on standby 24/7/365 to help you secure your time-sensitive shipments. Explore our seamless On-Board Courier (OBC) network. 
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