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Arranging and simplifying business shipments from China 

Royale international

Finding a good courier company is something that is of peak importance for all businesses, regardless of sector, industry or goal. Similarly, all businesses rely heavily on their supply chain to keep things moving, something which is also dependent on an efficient and reliable logistics provider. Traditionally, businesses and courier companies will work together in a partnership, allowing the logistics provider to take care of shipping and the complexities of the supply chain, which in turn enables the business to focus on other elements without having to control it own logistics. 

One logistics provider that is well-trusted by businesses worldwide is Royale International. They have 25+ years of experience, and have worked with an array of businesses across the world, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Their reach, coupled with their expertise, their knowledge and understanding of what businesses require from their logistics partners, make them an obvious choice. 

There is no doubt among businesses that courier partners make their logistics needs simpler and more straightforward. This is especially true when it comes to shipments to and from China. The rules and regulations that surround China’s imports and exports are complex and often difficult to understand without substantial experience. Luckily, Royale International has you covered. They have a wealth of experience organising and coordinating air shipments from China, and therefore make a perfect courier partner for any business. 

When it comes to shipping from China, there are a number of requirements that need to be met in order to successfully arrange the transportation. Exporting from China requires: 

  • A customs entry document 
  • A customs declaration 
  • A commercial invoice 
  • A packing list 
  • An export licence 

All of the above need to be submitted before officially making the shipment from China. It is also important to ensure that any Chinese supplier has covered all the processes that are their responsibility before products are shipped. Royale International can help ensure all these documents are filled in correctly and that any suppliers involved are also on top of their own documentation to avoid any shipment delays. 

In order to import a product that has shipped from China, you must first acquire import rights. These differ from country and territory, and need to be carefully understood to make sure you have everything you need: 

  • United States of America: All that is required to ship into the United States from Mainland China is a social security number and the business’s revenue service number. 
  • Europe (excluding countries not in the EU): As long as the company or business is listed as an ‘economic operator’, imports from China are easy. All European countries offer the ability to be listed as such, through their respective governments. 
  • Japan: Japanese companies have to get an import permit which is usually goods-specific, so exporting from China to Japan is more time-consuming and restricted than some other locations. 
  • Canada: Another of the easiest countries to export to, Canadian importers simply need a business number from the Canada Revenue Agency. 
  • Australia: Individuals and businesses from Australia can import goods from anywhere in the world without the need for any import licence – certainly the easiest of all. 

Many of the above rules are only applicable to businesses importing goods for commercial use. It is essential that customs forms are appropriately filled in to avoid customs hold-ups or even prevention of the shipment from proceeding. By partnering with Royale International, you can rest easy; their knowledge and experience make them ideal partners to handle all shipments, no matter the final destination of your goods. 

Royale International is in a position to cover all of these responsibilities when arranging shipments from China. Their substantial experience gives them the knowledge and expertise to quickly and efficiently ensure all your exports from China run smoothly, seamlessly and simply.  

Partnering with Royale International allows you to have peace of mind and confidence that your shipments will be handled successfully.  

Royale international locations

Royale International also has a branch in China. This enables them to not only know and understand the requirements in detail, but they have the ability to offer on-the-ground assistance. Shipping from China is one of the more difficult obstacles supply chains can come across, therefore having a partner like Royale International cannot be underestimated. It is understood that arranging courier shipping from China when you are outside China can be complex and difficult, even for logistics companies. That’s why the Royale branch in China is invaluable, as they are able to coordinate the entire process from China itself, adding value to their service.  

There are a number of elements Royale International will consider on behalf of their partners, both helping with documentation requirements and beyond. These are: 

  • Product and Load – basically what it is that is being shipped from China and how big it is. This will aid Royale in ensuring all the right forms and customs clearance processes are covered. Also, as they will be transporting the goods by air, they need to know the shipment size and weight. 
  • Final Destination – the intended destination for your shipment is obviously important. Not only for the labelling and addressing of the shipment, but also in terms of filling out the correct import forms for said country and meeting their custom requirements, as well as those held by China. Royale International will take care of all these matters, once they know where your product is going. 
  • Timing Requirements – when does your business need to have the shipment on hand? This helps Royale ensure your shipment is on the right flight, and that it arrives to you in good time, when you need it. 

All these aspects are important when it comes to shipping from China. It is an arduous process, and even more so when attempting to navigate the obstacles for the first time, without prior knowledge of how the system works. And, as all supply chains rely in part on goods from China, it is important to have a logistics partner, like Royale International, with a presence and experience in Mainland China. Get a quote and begin your journey with Royale International, by clicking here. 

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