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4 Temperature-controlled labels that contribute to a smooth Life Sciences shipment process

Transporting Life Sciences products by air requires a precise logistics approach that stores, handles, and transports shipments properly throughout the journey. So, if not handled well, temperature excursions can occur throughout the transportation endangering product integrity. Therefore, temperature-controlled labels play a crucial role here, ensuring proper handling of shipments throughout the journey. You can find four types of labels below that the temperature-controlled logistics industry commonly uses.

Time & Temperature Sensitive Label

The IATA (International Air Transport Association) Time & Temperature-controlled sensitive labels have become mandatory in the Life Sciences logistics industry since 2012. In addition to “Cargo Services Conference Resolutions Manual 607, Section 1”, the label must be affixed to all shipments booked as “time and temperature-sensitive cargo”. Therefore, the lower half of the label must not be left blank and must indicate the shipment’s transport temperature range. Thus, the temperature range should be indicated in degrees Celsius (°C) to ensure a smooth delivery process, Royale International supports the entire IATA labelling process from sourcing to placement, to ensure the temperature range specified on the label is accurate. You can find examples of the “+15°C to +25°C”, “+2°C to +8°C” and “-25°C to -15°C” labels below.

Please click here to learn more about the time & temperature sensitive labels that IATA offers.

The Class 9 Label for Dry Ice Transport

To smoothen the logistics & customs clearance process for dry ice shipments, Royale will attach a Class 9 label to the packaging and list out all key information such as the UN number, the shipping name, the net weight of the dry ice in KG, and the shipper’s and consignee’s names and addresses.

Below you can find an example showing how this information will be displayed on the packaging:

The UN number1845
The proper shipping nameDry Ice/ CO2 Solid
The net weight of the dry ice per package4kg
Information of the shipperName & Address
Information of the receiverName & Address

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The Fragile/ Upright Position Label

Royale uses a variety of instruction labels to ensure the appropriate handling, transport and storage of Life Sciences shipments. A “Fragile” label signals couriers to handle your fragile items with care. Following the “Fragile” label, the packaging has a ‘Handle with care’ label attached, which shows the need for special care and attention. The ‘UPWARD’ label also indicates that handlers must position the shipment upwards at all times.


The Do Not X-Ray Labels

X-ray scanners emit a beam of wavelength energy that can affect Life Sciences products during the inspection process. Therefore, for most Life Sciences shipments, Royale International places a “Do not X-ray” label to avoid the temperature-controlled products being scanned by the Customs Authority. This radiation can compromise the quality and therapeutic effectiveness of the shipment.

How Royale assists with the labelling process?

Transporting Life Sciences products by air requires a precise logistics approach. Thus, this approach ensures that shipments are stored, handled, and transported properly throughout the journey. When it comes to labelling, we place all Life Sciences labels on the outermost packaging with the correct information, ensuring the ground handlers know how to take care of your shipment at all times.

More importantly, we can outline 3 distinct benefits of a correct labelling process:

•  Better identification: Clearly indicates the required temperature range and handling & operational processes for Life Sciences shipments during transportation.
•  Strengthens the supply chain: Strengthens the overall supply chain by increasing visibility and awareness.
• High level of accuracy: Provides uniform & clear information and thereby reduces the risk of mishandling that may affect the quality of Life Sciences products.

When we proceed with the paperwork for your Life Sciences shipment, ranging from customs clearance to import/export permits and product verification reports. Likewise, all documents that we process fulfil the requirements of the Customs Authority, International Air Transport Association (IATA), Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Bone Marrow Worldwide Organisation (WMDA) regulations.

Furthermore, Royale offers premium Life Sciences solutions with flexible flight routing. Despite flight cancellations in various countries, we are capable of arranging transit flights with different airlines, thereby guaranteeing your shipments arrive at the right time and place. Most importantly, our team comprises professionally trained On-Board Couriers worldwide, ensuring temperature-controlled products receive personal care.

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