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Urgent NFO delivery of semiconductor parts from Penang to Tokyo


Royale International has over 25 years of experience in helping semiconductor businesses manage their supply chain. Below you can find one of the many examples in which assisted a leading high-tech semiconductor company via our NFO delivery solutions. A NFO shipment of integrated circuits, weighing 5kg, was transported from Penang to Tokyo within a speedy 18 hours.


As the economy continues to reopen and businesses strive to move beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, the electronics industry is experiencing a demand surge that causes a huge impact on the supply chain. The main challenge that electronics companies face is semiconductor chip shortage. Electronic chips are one of the most important components in high-demand products, from smartphones to cars, and many other electronic products. However, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, many factories have closed, and employees have been laid off. This has led to chip shortages, sparking supply chain interruptions and declines in revenue – leaving consumers frustrated.

Our client is a well-known semiconductor company, producing a variety of components such as ROM chips, memory chips, monitors, processors, transistors, and accelerators. To mitigate the above-mentioned issues and maintain their supply chain, they needed a trusted, reliable Time Critical logistics provider to assist them to transport from the production plant to assembly location in a timely manner.


An urgent call came in from the manufacturer in Malaysia on Monday morning. The client requested a door-to-door delivery, shipping 5kg of integrated circuits to the assembly plant in Tokyo. After the Product Design Division of an electronics company generated the manufacturing blueprints, our client had to deliver these components ASAP to keep their production lines running. Without the prompt delivery of semiconductor parts, technology production for smartphones, laptops and game consoles could be restricted, which would eventually impact end-use consumers. Moreover, our client would also disconnect with the newest market trends and lose a comprehensive amount of money.

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Royale’s dedicated Time Critical Team immediately started to devise a suitable alternative NFO shipping method, keeping the production downtime to a minimum. Within 30 minutes, we provided a detailed quotation & the quickest flight routing to our client. After receiving our tailored solution, our client gave the go-ahead and we immediately dispatched a vehicle to the pickup point in Penang and drove to Penang International Airport (PEN).

Simultaneously, we ensured that all the customs paperwork was completed, a high-valued insurance was set up, and a driver was arranged to collect the products on site. Thereby, not only did the shipment content get into the next available flight to Tokyo but it also arrived 2 hours and 45 minutes ahead of schedule. The semiconductor client was extremely satisfied as they acquired the chip components at their location within the required timeframe. The customer managed to resolve their technical issues right away and avoided production delays and catastrophic downtime due to chip shortage.

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