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Choosing the right logistic partners for courier services

Every industry, without exception, relies heavily on logistics. Logistics partner keep supply chain running smoothly, ensure deliveries are made on time. Helping businesses to evolve and adapt to new market trends. Changing environments and markets play a big part for all businesses. So, without reliable logistic partners would be impossible to navigate successfully.  

Due to such a heavy reliance on shipping companies, more and more businesses are making the decision. To forge partnerships with external logistic providers such a relationship is beneficial to both parties. It gives the business the piece of mind to know that they have a logistic partner who can help and support them through any supply chain issues and potential delivery disruptions. 

When choosing a logistic partners, however, businesses need to make the choice that is right for them. There are many factors to consider and analyse in order to determine the best possible choice. We have put together a list of some of the most important elements to consider when making this choice: 

#1. Experience 

While many factors are important, there is no substitute for experience. An experienced logistics company has not only stood the test of time (and navigated its way through countless complex situations, such as a global pandemic), but also has grown to become a trusted and reliable courier partner. Which is an invaluable asset to all businesses, regardless of sector, industry, or individual needs. 

Royale International is one such logistic partners whose wealth of experience is a significant asset to those companies they partner. With more than 25+ years’ experience, Royale International has a wide spectrum of companies they have partnered with, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller start-ups. No matter the size of your business, the benefit as a result of Royale’s experience can not and should not be underestimated.

#2. Global Presence 

There is no denying that, throughout industries, supply chains are evolving to become more global. Whether businesses are acquiring textiles for garment creation, or even shipping finished products. They need a logistics partner who can handle global business. With a growing ease of getting goods from A to B, businesses are finding their supply chains growing rapidly, and need a partner who can keep up with this expansion. 

With offices around the world, Royale International can be relied upon when it comes to being a logistic company with a global presence. Aside from their locations across the globe (Asia, Europe, the Americas and more, please find the details on this page). Royale also has a list of trusted partners they work with, enabling them to provide a comprehensive and complete worldwide service to meet any business’s needs. 

The offices of Royale International:  

the offices of Royale International

#3. International Experience 

Equally important as global presence is the knowledge and expertise to manage international deliveries. When shipping from location to location, the crossing of international borders is inevitable. Therefore, it is essential that elements associated with international travel (including customs and import/export requirements) can be adequately managed. Hold-ups at customs can cause significant delays, and are often caused by a lack of knowledge and experience of international shipping. 

The benefit of working with so many global companies is that Royale International’s know-how and expertise when it comes to the crossing of borders is second to none. Royale has worked for years with companies that require international shipping, and therefore can handle all elements of customs requirements. When partnering with Royale, they will take full responsibility of appropriate declarations, ensuring there are no unnecessary shipping delays.    

#4. Account Managers 

When partnering with a courier logistics provider. The level of dedicated service they can provide is a vital element to consider. One of the benefits of outsourcing logistics for the business is that they no longer need to be responsible for the day-to-day running of the shipping itself. A courier logistics company is there to make sure that the logistics run smoothly. Equally importantly, that the business doesn’t need to manage the complexity of global shipping. 

When a business partners with Royale International, they are getting this service and more. When a partnership is agreed, businesses will be appointed a dedicated account manager. Who will be responsible for all of your companies’ logistics. Not only will an account manager have experience either working in or with the garment and clothing industry, but they will also be a point of contact for the business. No matter your needs, requirements or questions, your account manager is the go-to. They will be the main point of contact relating to all aspects of business logistics, and will be able to provide reports and data to help streamline and further simplify deliveries and supply chains. 

#5. Tracking 

When shipping from A to B, whether it be clothing samples, buttons or fabrics, knowing where a specific parcel or shipment is, and when it will arrive, is valuable information. Both the sender and the recipient want to know this in order to keep track of their delivery. A logistic company that provides on-the-ground tracking offers a significant advantage to businesses. Real-time tracking allows companies to accurately predict delivery dates, which in turn allows those receiving the delivery to plan around this expected date. Tracking is a benefit that many companies look for and rely upon from their logistic partners. 

When partnering with Royale International, shipment tracking is standard. Not only do all shipments come with tracking, but account managers can give you updates of specific shipment. The status of deliveries is updated in detail, and delivery notifications are also provided. This service makes it easy to track your shipments and keep on top of your supply chains through every stage

This list is just some of the vital aspects that should be taken into account when choosing the right logistics company to partner with your business; there are many others of varying importance that can also play a part in your decision.  

Royale International is a courier company that successfully ticks all the boxes on what a business needs from a logistic company partnership. To find out more about Royale International and how they can help your business to prosper and grow, click here: 

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