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4 Factors to Consider for Life Sciences Shipments  

The Life Sciences industry is an industry where delays or temperature excursions cannot occur. Without smooth processes that ensure on-time deliveries and compliance, people’s health could be in danger. We have listed four important factors that logistics providers assess to transport your products in a safe and efficient manner. 

  1. Product Nature 

The product nature is crucial in determining the packaging and transport solutions. There are a large variety of products requiring temperature control during transport including: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biological materials, APIs, food tech, etc. These products also have different states which are gas, liquid, and solid which may determine if the product is classified as dangerous goods. All this information is needed for logistics providers to plan and transport the shipment according to the regulations. 

  1. Pickup & Delivery Address 

Another factor to consider for Life Sciences shipments is the pickup & delivery address. Based on the request of clients, the logistics provider must plan the route and schedule the flight, ensuring the shipment arrives at the right time and at the right place. The total transit time is important in determining which packaging to use, ensuring the validation period for the packaging exceeds the transit time. 

  1. Packaging  

Choosing the correct packaging is of utmost important to ensure no temperature excursions occur throughout the transportation process.  The packaging utilized is dependent on several factors including: volume being shipped, sensitivity of the product, temperature required, and validation time required among other factors.  Packaging solutions come in the form of passive solutions utilize dry shippers, dry ice, and PCMs.  Active solutions are often used for larger pallet sized shipments which provide accurate temperature control but in a smaller range of temperatures. 

  1. Shipment Payload 

To determine which type of packaging is required, the total volume of the shipment needs to be known.  Packaging works optimally when the payload is a perfect fit for the temperature-controlled shipper being used.  Using a passive shipper that is too large or too small will have an effect on the validation time of the packaging.  In addition, when using the optimal size, total cost savings can be realized by reducing your total freight costs. 

Overall, when it comes to shipping your Life Sciences products, you should take the product nature, pickup & delivery address, packaging and dimensional weight into consideration. 

Royale International is a well-reputed organisation that specializes in the worldwide handling and transportation of on-time and sensitive temperature-controlled products for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries. We provide customized Life Sciences logistics solutions to suit your business needs. In terms of packaging, we provide high-quality packaging with the right type, size, material, and validation time, ensuring your product is safely delivered to the final destination.  

Furthermore, Royale offers the best Life Sciences solutions with flexible flight routes. Despite flight cancellation in various countries, we are able to arrange transit flights with different airlines, assuring your shipments arrive at the right time and right place. Most importantly, our team incorporates professional and well-trained couriers globally, ensuring the highest level of security and personal care of your temperature-controlled products. Our Life Sciences logistics procedures are all in compliance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) regulations worldwide. 

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