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Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Logistics

What are Aircraft on Ground Logistics? 

Aircraft on ground – also known as AOG – relates to aviation maintenance; it indicates that there is an issue or problem that is serious enough that it prevents the aircraft from operating, rendering it grounded and unable to fly. AOG logistics comes under the umbrella of ‘emergency logistics’, and is the delivery of essential parts which are needed in order to get the aircraft in the air again. Grounded aircraft usually require repairs and maintenance, thus the need for additional parts. Aircraft on Ground logistics are crucial to prevent flight cancellations or delays which would damage reputation, revenue and trust in an aircraft company’s ability to deliver a regular, reliable service.  

What do you need in an AOG logistics partner? Make sure your company is in good hands 

Aircraft that are ‘on ground’ have a high cost, losing money every minute that the aircraft is not operating. It is crucial to have a Time Critical partner who has experience and knowledge in AOG prevention. Year-round, 24/7 service is also a must, as AOG logistics could be required at a moment’s notice. Equally important is the ability of your AOG logistics partner to operate on a global scale, being able to conduct and coordinate delivery across the world as needed.  

Your Time Critical courier partner of choice will be responsible for AOG logistics and shipping – this is Your Time Critical partner of choice will be responsible for AOG logistics and shipping –essentially ensuring critical components are delivered quickly to get an aircraft to return to service as soon as possible. The longer an aircraft is forced to stay grounded means lost revenue and growing costs, another reason why fast delivery is of paramount importance. Third-party logistic providers are essential in all areas of aerospace, especially in the case of AOG. To ensure your business receives the urgent parts required quickly and efficiently, you must thoroughly evaluate the company you are relying on to provide AOG logistics.  

  • Do they have a reputable history of Time Critical delivery?  
  • Have they worked within the aerospace and aircraft industry before, and do they know what is at stake for your business should delivery fail?
  • Can they offer a transparent service which meets your company’s requirements? 
  • Do they provide a quick response time, mitigating unnecessary delays? 

Finding and purchasing the parts is the easy part, and a good logistics provider will also make the physical delivery of the components equally simple. 

Working with a Time Critical Courier Partner in AOG Logistics 

The process of working with a logistics provider for AOG cases is similar to any other urgent delivery requirements. Clear communication and a detailed schedule are crucial to get the service needed. The parts will be picked up by your logistics partner and delivered as fast as possible. Location plays a part and Time Critical, on-board courier services are likely to be employed to ensure delivery is quick and efficient.  

It is also important not to wait until an emergency delivery is needed before partnering with a logistics company. Especially in the field of aviation, whether it be repair, maintenance or manufacture, a Time Critical partner needs to be established, with a good relationship between the two companies. Certain Time Critical service providers will assign you a dedicated account manager who will be able to assist you directly, and oversee your delivery from collection to drop off. Find out what it is you need, and then find a company who meets all requirements. Making it clear to a logistics provider ensures that they know what you need, and can work to make sure you get what you need quickly and without delay. 

The Benefits of Time Critical Services 

For AOG logistics, Time Critical services ensure that deliveries are made with a focus on speed, efficiency and transparency. Royale International has 25+ years’ experience providing unparalleled Time Critical delivery across a wide range of industries, including aerospace manufacture and maintenance. Their service is second to none, and their Time Critical delivery has saved countless companies thousands in avoidable revenue losses that slow shipping can cause. 

Royale International also has a dedicated team of account managers to work with you directly to ensure a smooth, fast delivery service. The appointment of account managers is often due to their experience; for AOG logistics, account managers will either have worked with numerous aviation companies before, and therefore know all the necessary requirements, or will have worked in some part of the aviation industry at some stage. 

When you partner with Royale, you are working with a global Time Critical courier company trusted by many Fortune 500 companies and other world-renowned brands. Get in touch today to find out how their impeccable Time Critical delivery service is an ideal fit for your AOG logistics solutions. 

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