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A Guide to White Glove Delivery

A Guide to White Glove Delivery

Some products require a little bit of extra attention, and that’s what white glove logistics are all about. Whether you are managing or directing supply chain operations, or you’re a purchasing professional, it is white glove logistics that makes the difference between a good and a great service. When you invest in white glove, what you’re really paying for is superior service and dependable delivery. 

‘White glove’ delivery services are used by both businesses and individuals when wishing to ship those products that require specific care during the whole process. The shift in people’s perception of luxury has similarly shifted from the monetary value of goods alone, to exclusive experiences and exemplary service. Speed, convenience and standard of service are all primary importance, and white glove delivers on all fronts. 

white glove delivery

Most people who use white glove services do so in order to provide them with confidence that whatever they are shipping is handled with care. With Royale International, you can know that your shipment is in good hands with our premium white glove logistic service. 

The term white glove indicates a level of care that exceeds all alternative shipping options. White glove logistics is a shipping method for parcels that require a higher level of attention. When compared to standard parcels, be it because of value, shape and size or fragility, white glove logistics experts are equipped and specially trained to go the extra mile. 

Standard vs. White Glove Delivery 

When looking into and deciding upon a logistic service provider, it’s important to know as much information as possible to make an informed decision. Standard delivery is the most common parcel delivery service. When compared to white glove delivery services, standard shipping has a relatively low cost, on the other hand you have white glove delivery, which is considered to be the best of the best. Your parcel is treated with care and the service provided by professionals is second to none. The main selling point is that everything is done for you and it is ideal, especially for large-volume deliveries, or expensive, valuable items that need to be handled with care. 

A Summary – What do White Glove Logistics Offer? 


When opting for a white glove logistics service, you can expect a high standard to be abided by in order to ensure your parcel is adequately protected from damage. Only the highest level of protective packaging is used, including styrofoam, bubblewrap, wooden crates and more, depending on the requirements. 


The personal touch and the top level of care is given to all products transported using white glove delivery. On-board Couriers (OBCs) board the plane with your parcel, and delivery it safely to its final destination. This one-on-one attention and supervision throughout the entire journey of your package is exclusive to white glove delivery. Packaging, transportation and delivery: all are elements of the ‘handling’ service provided. 


Those responsible for delivering products are trained thoroughly, guaranteeing a quick, safe and successful delivery without exception. 


White glove logistic companies offer safe and clean transportation of your products every time. 

The Benefits – Why Choose White Glove Delivery over Other Services? 

White glove logistics teams offer many benefits not available nor provided by other delivery services. These include (but are not limited to) the following: 


White glove delivery services remove the ‘worry factor’ that can be caused by delayed or, in the worst case, lost shipments. The personal touch for each white glove delivery and the attention of our dedicated team ensure that you’ll know when to expect your delivery with the additional information available to know where your product is every step of the way. 

Customer Service 

The main thing when it comes to white glove logistic services is that the customer is always the top priority. Customers will have one key point of contact throughout the process, who will be there to answer any questions, alleviate concerns or deal with any special requests. 

Lower Chance of Damage 

Temperature controlled shipments, humidity-regulating and high quality packaging materials ensure your product is safe from damage. 


White glove delivery is the obvious choice when shipping products that are valuable or expensive, and you can have confidence that your product will be safe against damage or theft. 

Valuation – What about the Price? 

Despite the premium, personalised and specialty service, there are a number of elements that may impact the price you pay. Some are absorbed into the package cost, but some elements that could affect the price are: 

Location & Delivery 

If your product is being transported from city to city, the accessibility increases the convenience, and therefore costs are lower. Areas that can be harder to get to (such as rural areas or locations off the beaten track) means a higher price. The distance between origin and destination is also something to consider. Similarly, does the person delivering your product need to climb flights of stairs?  A more difficult delivery that calls for more work than is expected can influence the cost in a negative way. 


Unusual shapes, overlarge parcels and heavy loads will make the cost higher. If more than one OBC is required for delivery (due to weight or size) that might also play a part. 


If you require an overnight delivery, or want to receive your shipment on a holiday, extra stress is added to the whole process. The difficulty this can have on the logistics of the delivery, plus any required overtime can be charged to you. 

In conclusion 

Every delivery service and company’s execution of white glove delivery is different and unique. Just like every parcel or product requiring white glove delivery is different. Specifications, size, shape, value, extras – all of it plays a part, and all are aspects white glove services can provide.  

Royale International is a company dedicated, above all, in providing an unparalleled service. With over 25 years experience in putting the customer and their needs first, our white glove service has been globally recognised as one of the best.  

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