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Expedited Delivery Service- How fast and reliable is it?

The number of shipping options is continually on the rise, whether it be B2B, ecommerce or personal delivery. When choosing your preferred shipping method, there are many things to consider, from cost to carrier. Something universally acknowledged, however, is that fast shipping is best. 

Expedited delivery service is a way to significantly speed up shipping. Expedited shipping promises a faster delivery, due in part to the fact that there are no stops or layovers between pick-up and delivery. While all carriers do differ in many ways, domestic delivery for goods using an expedited delivery service will usually be between overnight and two days. 

Comparing Services – Expedited Delivery Service vs. Standard Shipping 

It is usually the case that standard shipping will be the most affordable shipping option. International delivery, when using a standard delivery service, would take an estimated three to seven working days to arrive, depending on various factors. These include location, distance between pickup and drop off and the goods in question. While some standard deliveries can arrive sooner, sometimes before the estimated delivery date, those that take slightly longer will more often than not offer an expedited option (like next day delivery) for a faster shipping choice. It is important to note that processing time is not normally included in ‘shipping time’. It is usually calculated from your order ‘on its way’.  

This is also true when it comes to ‘high volume’ deliveries; when ordering products for your business and a large number of items are required quickly, then it is much better to opt for expedited delivery service, as standard shipping service takes longer, and is also less capable at dealing with high volume shipments. 

Types of shipping Cost Delivery duration Suitable for  
Standard  Low 3-7 days Normal to fragile goods  
Expedited & Express  Medium  1-3 days Normal to fragile goods  
Time Critical High Next day delivery High value and volume goods  

Why Choose Expedited Delivery Service – The Top Advantages 

  1. Build Customer Loyalty / Company Confidence 

43% of revenue generated from online commercial transactions (ecommerce) comes from returning customers. Good service (which includes an efficient, timely delivery service) attracts positive brand association.  

On the flip side, 38%of customers would be likely to avoid a retailer who provided poor or sub-par delivery service. With the increased influence of online reviews, it is also possible that would-be customers could be put off by negative reviews. 

Similarly, companies opting to use expedited delivery services do so to ensure they can be confident that the service will provide all the necessary elements required. They need products or samples to be delivered promptly and efficiently. When providing products in the B2B space, time is always of the essence, affecting your business reputation, and the reputations of those you work with. 

  1. Meet Customer or Business Expectations 

When ordering product samples or prototypes, deciding on the cost of shipping is an inevitable and unavoidable element. 60% of businesses have made a choice between other companies based on their delivery options.  

Fast, cost-conscious delivery is not just something people want anymore. It is an expected and, for businesses, an essential element. To stay in tune with what customers want, not offering an expedited delivery service option is no longer a viable or realistic option. 

Making Your Margins – Expedited Delivery Service Can Pay its Own Way 

There is no denying that expedited shipping can be costly. There are ways to avoid this, however, enabling it to be fast without ‘breaking the bank’. 

  1. Minimum Spend 

For this to make financial sense, the AOV (average order value) needs to be below the minimum spend threshold. That is to say that the minimum spend needs to be more than the AOV. This may, in turn, up the AOV due the attractiveness of free expedited shipping. 

  1. Inventory Distribution 

The distance a product has to travel is directly proportional to how much it will cost; shorter distance equals a lower cost. If inventory is distributed throughout multiple warehouses of fulfilment centers, then customers and businesses are likely to have one near them, resulting in lower shipping costs. 

Shipping becomes easier the more facilities there are, meaning expedited ground delivery becomes a more viable option over the significantly more expensive expedited air shipping.  

Time Critical Service From Royale International 

Royale International are experts in Time Critical Service, and provide the world’s safest, fastest time critical logistics service. Your business can get a quote and flight routing within 30 minutes or less and have your parcel and a dedicated OBC on a flight within hours. 

Experience is invaluable, and with 26 years of experience providing unparalleled time critical logistics, Royale International are trusted by many Fortune 500 companies and guarantee the prompt, safe arrival of their goods.  

For more information about Royale International’s services click here.  

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