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Singapore Security Policy Statement

Royale International is committed to protecting the company’s employees, properties, information, and customer’s assets from potential threats in the supply chain. This security policy sets forth our mission in the implementation and compliance of our internal security standards. As security is key to our service success, all employees are responsible to take the necessary precautions to safeguard goods entrusted in our care.

Our Directives

  • Information – Information belonging to Royale International must not be disclosed to unauthorised persons. This applies to all modes of communication.
  • Systems – All Royale International computer systems have security mechanisms in place to ensure confidentiality of information.
  • Staff – Appropriate training, recruitment and termination procedures are implemented.
  • Physical Security – Measures are implemented at our storages to ensure proper security for the goods being stored.

Risk Assessments & Audit

Security risk assessments will be undertaken to determine both physical and digital vulnerabilities. Senior management will be responsible to ensure that action is taken on advice of the audit reports.

Reporting & Investigation

Identification of any breach or potential breach of security has to be reported to the manager and escalated to senior management for further investigation and action. If any incident has legal consequence, advice must be sought from the company lawyer.

Employee Responsibilities

Security is part of every employee’s responsibilities. All Royale International employees are encouraged to report on any security breach or breach potential. The Company is supportive of an open environment for feedback and practices direct communication between staff of all levels. Investigation will be done by senior management on all reported matters.

This policy has been reviewed by our Managing Directors. It will be reviewed and, if necessary, revised annually to keep up to date.

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