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Haymarket Media Group is a privately held media company headquartered in London. It has publications in the consumer, business and customer sectors, both print and online. Haymarket has been developing quality, trusted content since their foundation in 1957 and have remained a private, family-owned business that is run by the Heseltine family.


Taking care of your own fulfilment services on a large scale, in an organized manner, can be a painful process to organizations as it requires extra headcount and expertise. The challenge Haymarket faced was that they needed their weekly and monthly editions of their publications to go to recipients on time. Haymarket was dealing with high costs to print and distribute these publications themselves.


At Royale we let Haymarket excel in their area of expertise, while not having to worry about the fulfilment process. As an expert in fulfilment services Royale International serves Haymarket by offering a cost-effective one-stop shop, from collecting from the print site, sorting, inserting, poly bagging and delivering from our dedicated fulfilment centre, all within the required time frame. Royale can offer this cost-effective option as we have the in-house expertise and all required equipment to print and distribute in a fast and organized manner.

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