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Bulk Mail, Publications & Financial Distribution

We offer a rapid and reliable solution in delivering your marketing materials globally…

Royale International’s professional delivery services make it the ideal partner for the timely distribution of bulk mail, publications and financial research. Royale International offers a full range of complementary service to facilitate this, enabling it to provide a reliable one-stop solution for inventory control, packing/labelling and insertion, sorting, 4C printing, barcode security matching, shipping and final delivery of periodicals, catalogues, direct marketing materials and other such items whether locally or internationally. Flexible delivery modes enable services to be tailored to varying client needs.


Key Benefits:

  • Convenient, efficient, one-stop solution with competitive services and rates
  • Automated and manual letter shopping services from start to finish
  • Inventory management and warehouse facilities available as required
  • Electronic data and list management
  • 24-hour research and publication operation
  • Full pick and pack service

** Note: Royale International Group’s services are subject to office location and may not be applicable to all regions. Please contact your local sales representative for more information.