Time Critical Services (Hand Carry/On Board Courier)

Royale International is a regional market leader in the specialist time critical hand-carry market for many of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies.

Royale International operates a global network of "on board couriers (obc)" guaranteeing a safe and prompt arrival for your international shipments.

A “hand-carry” is where a member of Royale International’s dedicated OBC team will travel on the next scheduled flight with the customer’s goods as their baggage, and literally hand-carry them to their customer’s required destination.

All of our international offices have dedicated On Board Couriers (OBCs) staff that have vast experience and can provide global handcarry service...anytime, anywhere.

Items that we frequently hand carry include printed circuit boards, machine parts, retail samples, automotive parts, semiconductors, telecommunication devices and many others. We commit to provide a quotation and flight routing within 30 minutes of the initial request.

Key Benefits includes:

  • 24/7/365 service at all office locations
  • Real time updates from shipment pick up to final P.O.D.
  • Someone will personally look after your shipment from point of pickup to delivery
  • Our On Board Courier (OBC) can be onboard to destination with your shipment in as little as four hours
  • Faster delivery time savings and custom clearance

** Note: Royale International Group’s services are subject to office location and may not be applicable to all regions. Please contact your local sales representative for more information.


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